Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reviving a dead blog?

I'm sad that this among all my blogs has been the one to suffer the most neglect as I became a mother with little time to spend on these things. I suppose it's natural though. I mean family blogging came first once my boy arrived, and I ended up with a lot of material for the art blog with all the pictures I've been taking. But I've really missed this blog.

I've thought many times about reviving it but it always comes down to the problem that one needs to watch movies if one is to blog about them. And although I can sometimes squeeze some writing in during my son's waking hours, I can't squeeze movies in. And we're too tired for movies once we get him to sleep, so we've only seen a handful of them since he was born more than two years ago!

Neverthless, here I am. Spurred on by technological advancements and the convenience of doing things on my iPhone, here I am to try to breathe life back into the deceased. I suppose it's mostly about my newfound love for Twitter and my excitement over the possibilites it has for this blog.

So, we'll see what kind of content I can come up with without watching many movies. Maybe I'll talk again about some old movies, maybe I'll talk about some TV shows (which it seems easier to make time for) and maybe I'll post tidbits I see online. I'm hopeful it will work out better this time.

So show me some love! Leave me some comments as I go! Send me tips! If you see something I should write about, let me know! Follow me on Twitter: @popcornandacoke!
And in the meantime I have to figure out if there is a way to post tweets directly to the blog. If anyone knows a way please let me know! I'd particularly like to do it with the iPhone.

Love to all! Here we go!

-- Post From My iPhone

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