Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Speech-Freedom Fighter!

I know some of you are tired of this topic and want me to get back to talking about the movies. Well, this topic is important, so I am bringing you another perspective on it today. But keep your pants on. I watched a good movie last night, and I will be talking about it very soon.

Special thanks to the hubby for spotting this on his favorite blog, Stupid Evil Bastard. Blogger ***Dave has this to say about the "Mo'toons" issue (and the Vatican's support of protesters) on his blog:

Shame on the Vatican for basically agreeing with the Moslem cartoon rioters:
The Vatican on Saturday condemned the publication of cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammad which have outraged the Muslim world, saying freedom of speech did not mean freedom to offend a person’s religion.
Yes it does. Because without allowing the possibility of the latter, the former is meaningless. Practically anything anyone can say of some substance is likely to “offend a person’s religion.”
“The freedom of thought and expression, confirmed in the Declaration of Human Rights, can not include the right to offend religious feelings of the faithful. That principle obviously applies to any religion,” the Vatican said.
“Especially ours,” the Vatican said in subtext.

Nobody is claiming a “right to offend.” Freedom of thought and expression simply means that the prospect of someone feeling offended(whether offense was intended or not) isn’t something that can be allowed to legally block freedom of thought/expression. Otherwise, we better all shut up pretty damned quick.

Yeah brother!

He goes on to say more if you are interested.

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Elisabeth said...

And ***Dave has this to say in an open letter to the protesters.


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