Thursday, February 09, 2006


If you are reading the recent comments, you will see one from one of the guys at Turns out I made an error when referring to them as a muslim blog. The website I found them through referred to them as such. Apologies to all for that inaccuracy. I wrote an email to the guy who commented saying the following:

Hey thanks for posting on my blog. And much apologies for my inaccuracies. The site I found you guys on referred to you as a muslim blog, so that's why I thought you were. Much of the discussion on seems to have the insight of people who know a little more about the religion and the mid east. So even though I couldn't find an explicit statement on your site regarding the religious affiliations of your members, I thought that this seemed to back up the other site's assumptions. Apologies. I will write a note correcting that info. But thanks again for posting on my blog, and keep up the good content on yours!

It just goes to show that, even if certain sites seem to be credible, you can't trust a lot of what you read online.

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Elisabeth said...

I guess, thinking more on it, that the fact that these guys aren't identifying themselves as muslim puts a big hole in my argument -- at least the one I had when I was quoting them -- which was ,"see? not all muslims think this way." That argument gave me some relief and comfort in the midst of a tense issue that really has had me under a lot of stress.

Not sure what to make of this turn. But I still think they have some wonderful and valid things to say, and are definitely worth reading. I just wish I had some more muslim sources. Not all muslims must feel this way.

raf* said...

dear e,

your hope that "not all muslims think this way" is not entirely unfoundered. a simple comparison of "number of violent protestors" to "number of protestors" to "number of muslims in the world" should already give you some comfort.

i do have a large number of friends who would most definitely self-identify as "muslim", and some even as very pious ones, who "don't think this way".



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