Thursday, January 21, 2010

You're Karate Kidding Me!

When I first read about the Karate Kid remake, my only thought was, "Say it ain't so!"  I don't think I will EVER understand Hollywood's need to remake everything.  And seriously?  Jackie Chan as Miyagi and Will Smith's kid as Daniel, I mean, excuse me... Dre.  Come on!  What's he, like 10?  Isn't he a bit young to come of age?

Then I saw the trailer.

Oh brother.  Why must Hollywood take itself so seriously these days?  And when you take yourself seriously you better avoid some cliches, but this has cliches all over it.  The pouty kid from the ghetto who gets a tough teacher that inspires him?  The fish out of water?  Training on the Great Wall of China?

And speaking of China, what the heck are we doing there?  Karate & Miyagi are both from Japan.  And from what I'm reading, they're not even doing Karate, they're doing Kung Fu!  Huh?  The title is pretty specific about which martial art it is that this kid practices.

Hollywood, stop recycling!  We still have the original and, cheesy though it may be, many of us still enjoy it.  Get some original material!  And by original material, I don't mean checking out the foreign language section of Netflix for ideas either.  It's on film, it's been done, and doesn't need redoing!

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