Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

As of yesterday, it's been two years since I began this little experiment, and I think I can definitely say that I am a full-fledged blogging fanatic. I manage four blogs (not including the now-defunct Blog on Blogging) and they are: a family blog, an art blog, a fitness blog (with other contributors), and this blog. It's also on my to do list to finally contribute to another of which I am a member. And not only am I a blogging fool, but I also subscribe to tons of blogs, and my subscription list is ever growing. I guess I have fully entered and embraced the blogiverse which I had previously thought was so foreign and perhaps even pointless.

I still have some of my old prejudices about blogs becoming journals of the mundane minutia of daily life, so I do my best to remain on topic with each of my blogs. What I find is that every time I want to begin working on a new topic, I need to start a new blog, and with so many blogs to manage, I don't keep up with any one of them. However, with the rising popularity of RSS readers like Google Reader (or is it just that I'm using one now?), I no longer feel the pressure to provide daily content. Previously, daily content was the only way to make sure that people would check back to my blog. Now, with RSS readers notifying people of new content, it seems less of an issue to provide regular content, but that relief of pressure has maybe just allowed me to slack off and not provide much content at all.

I'm sorry. I have to come back to my common excuse these days of becoming a new mother. That has made it difficult enough to keep up with running my two businesses let alone write and create images for multiple blogs. But if you can continue to hang in there with me, this is something I have grown to love, and I will provide content even if only intermittently for the time being.

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Lee said...

Well it's my first time visiting so I didn't know to bring a gift - happy anniversary!!!


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