Friday, October 26, 2007

New Look, New System, New Urge to Post

If you are reading this through an RSS reader, go to my actual blog to check out my new look. I'm pretty proud of it. There is a new masthead and a new three-column layout. I'm particularly proud of the three-column layout, since blogger doesn't really allow those, so it's a hack. Yes, I downloaded the hack from someone else, but I actually had to go in an alter the code myself to get it to work since the columns seemed to be overlapping, so yay me!

I'm also going to be starting a new system for my reviews. I'm going to be adding a star rating to each one. And, not content with the usual way of interpreting those stars, I've naturally invented my own way. Here it is:

= "A New Favorite" or "Absolutely Groundbreaking"

= "Really Loved It" or "Innovative"

= "Enjoyed It" or "Pretty Poor, But Interesting and Creative"

= "Passable/Entertaining, But Not Good"

= "Lowsy"

And for the "so-bad-that-I-want-to-send-hate-mail-to-everyone-in-Hollywood-for-
fostering-an-environment-where-this-to-be-made" category, I have created a special star rating:

= "Angry-hated It"

Now that I have all this set, I'm reinvigorated and ready to start writing reviews again. YAY!!!!! Well, not just yet. I have to go run some errands first.

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