Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Weather delay

Ok, not really. But the blog is on delay at the moment because of a massive quest for the perfect car. Normally car shopping with me alone would be a one-day, one-lot event followed by the purchase of whatever car was best on the lot. With my husband involved it instead means a laborious search of about 10 car lots followed by endless research on the internet, followed by further test drives and lot searches, followed by further internet research until the exact right car can be located, somewhere. We have finally (since Saturday) located a car, but I won't actually have it for another week and half, and... get this... I have to go to Wyoming to pick it up! Well, nuff said, the blog is on delay and now, as of lunchtime, that my car quest is at an end, I am going to run out and see if I can manage to get my vote heard. So no article on making composition better in your home photos & videos today, and it may be a crunch to get the next installment of "Understanding Movie Visuals" out there tomorrow. Look for more later this week though.

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