Friday, November 10, 2006

User Generated Content and Independent Media on Internet in Jeopardy

So, I'm still on my little 'weather delay' so it doesn't look like I will be doing the rest of this week's scheduled how-to posts before the weekend. Ah well. The schedule was a dream, and dreams are elusive. Anyway, in the meantime, I have some interesting stuff for you to check out about "Net Neutrality." Basically, telephone companies and such want to control our access to the internet more and there's fear this means that they will be controlling what internet content we are able to reach. And that we will only be seeing content that major corporations provide. Read: end of blogs, podcasts, youtube, smaller business websites, wikipedia, online grassroots campaigning, etc.. Here's a little video by those people who made Four Eyed Monsters:

The Four Eyed Monsters guys have a vested interest in this issue as their marketing for their independent movie is being done exclusively through the web. If you use the internet to view/create user-provided content, or if you have a small business that does a major amount of marketing through the internet, you have a vested interest too. What we're in jeopardy of is a kind of internet that offer us little communication with the outside world. And the internet has brought the world so much closer together, it would be a shame if it was lost. To read more about what can be done and what this all is about, go to and check out the section called "The threat is real." Both the video and the website talk a lot about having your say on the issue by voting for senators that support net neutrality, but obviously voting is over. The good news is that a good number of neutrality supporters were voted in, so it looks like we may be saved. Still, the issue is not resolved quite yet, so it's good to keep your ear to the ground and your eyes peeled.

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