Friday, September 15, 2006

Getting Lazy, A Remedy

I have been noticing a trend in my writing lately: it's getting stinkier and stinkier. I have been so caught up in catching up on old reviews, that I have been really getting lazy with my writing and I am starting to realize that not very many of those reviews I struggled to write are worth reading. It's not that I'm such a terrible writer. I look back on some of my older reviews, or even some of my articles on other topics, and I see what my newer reviews are lacking.

I think maybe I should take a break from reviewing to sort of refresh and recharge, and write about other movie stuff. Maybe now is a good time to finally start that how-to stuff I've been planning for so long. You know, that's not easy! It's easy enough to come up with stuff to say about the topic of, say, camera angles, good ones, bad ones, and what some of them mean. But finding a movie that has good examples of whatever it is I am discussing, well that's tough. How many of you can, off the top of your head, remember movies that exemplify good use of a variety of camera angles? Then try to imagine finding a movie to use as an example for each future topic! It's quite difficult! I definitely have a new-found respect for professors writing up those syllabi. They have to come up with readings, and movies, and it all has to tie together. What a pain in the patoot!

Still, maybe it's time to get off that lazy patoot and find something useful and interesting to talk about. So I guess it's time to start that how-to. Look for it to come soon. Maybe even today. Heck, maybe it'll even take my mind off my morning sickeness. There's always hope.

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