Tuesday, September 12, 2006

10mph Shown in Boulder October 1st!

Ok, so you all have been asking me FOREVER. When are they going to have a screening of 10mph (that movie I worked on last year) in Colorado? Well, ask no more! 10mph has been doing the festival circuit and it hasn't stopped for a breath in forever. But guess what? One of the upcoming festivals that those crazy, Segway-riding boys are stopping at this fall is none other than the Toofy Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado. Show time is October 1st at 5pm. Don't miss it! I don't think we'll be there unless our honey-versary plans fall through, but I am eager to hear what you all think about the flick. And don't forget to mention to everyone you see that you were terribly impressed by the editing, especially with the pieces done by assistant editor, Elisabeth Hurley, whose pieces just jumped off the screen. ;)

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