Thursday, March 30, 2006

Vail -- Here we come!

Well, tomorrow's the big day. 10mph is showing at the Vail Film Festival, and my husband and I are headed up to check it out. I heard from Hunter & Josh (the filmmakers) that the film's official debut (at the East Lansing Film Festival) went really well. 10mph took the top prize for the documentary competition, and it was very well received. There is lots of buzz about 10mph at Vail too. The Denver Post has run two articles since this weekend on the movie, and I hear there are
some media types who are interested in talking to H&J at the fest.

It will be so much fun to see the work that I have done up there on the big screen. But I am also just excited to go to the festival in general. The only festival I have been to before is the Boulder International Film Festival, so I am very green to the fest thing. I know, I am a terrible wannabe filmmaker. I need to be checking out this scene. I need to be making connections (shyeah right -- I'm such a schmoozer) and supporting other artists. Well, I will be checking this one out, so I will be back afterwards with a full report (and hopefully some photos). Wish us (10mph) luck, or better yet, come check us out at the fest!

Now I just have to go figure out which apres-ski-fabulous looks I will wear to Vail...

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Teddi said...

Cool! Have a wonderful time!!


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