Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vail Film Fest

Well, Vail Film Festival is next week. As I mentioned to you before, a film that I worked on is going to be playing at the festival. Just trying to figure out the logistics of getting & staying there now. And it is going to be expensive! Sheesh! When did even the cheapest hotels get to be so expensive?

Anyway, I still hope to be going. (I hope that the "cheaper" hotels aren't already booked up.) So when I get back I should have some fun festival stuff to report. 10mph is showing on Friday the 31st at 4:30pm at Crossroads and again at 2:50pm Saturday at the Lodge at Vail. There will be a Q&A following each presentation with the filmmakers (my buddies) Josh & Hunter. How exciting. If you don't have any plans and want to spend lots of money that weekend, come check it out! If you don't want to pay for passes for the festival, I believe they are still looking for volunteers to help out (and you get passes in exchange). That won't help with expensive hotel costs of course, but the passes aren't cheap either.

10mph isn't debuting at Vail. I think the official debut is at the East Lansing Film Festival on March 26. So definitely check it out there if you are in that area. Showing at the same festival is a film I really want to see called Four Eyed Monsters. I wish it was showing at Vail!

If you live in the Portland area, check out 10mph at the upcoming Longbaugh Film Festival. 10mph is showing on April 8th and 9th at 1pm.

Anyway, good luck to Hunter & Josh for film festival success and for the launch of their wonderful little movie!

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Teddi said...

I think it's because of spring break. We had a tough time finding a decent priced place in Keystone this past weekend because of it.


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