Wednesday, February 22, 2006

News! I have a new blog!

I knew that if I started making videos to post online that this wouldn't be the place to put them. SO I have been thinking about starting another blog when that time comes. In the meantime, I have found myself drawing again after probably a year or more of drawing almost nothing. The reason for my revived creativity is that I found this website that issues a weekly challenge to artists and then the artists can all post their results. When it started about two years ago, there weren't many people involved. But each week more people come to the challenge and this week, there has already been nearly 600 posts. I was so inspired seeing all of the posts and all of the blogs of these artists, I had to create! I joined this week's challenge and drew something with "song" as the theme.

So now I am putting up sketches as I do them (I started yesterday and I already have two sketch posts). So if you are interested in that side of my brain, check it out. Also, down the road when I start putting some of my video/film experiments out in cyberspace, that's most likely where you will find them. That way I can keep this blog for the critical side of my brain.

Back to the full blog...

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