Monday, March 06, 2006

Lucas Predicts That Blockbusters Will Become a Thing of the Past!

Spotted on Slashdot was this little tidbit about some predictions Lucas made on Saturday. Considering the lack of box-office success of movies such as King Kong and similar movies in recent times, Lucas feels the future of cinema lies in lower budget flicks that have a better shot at recouping their losses.

What he doesn't say is that, due to the increasing availability of cheaper technologies, blockbusters will be made more cheaply in the future, so they will be able to recoup losses a lot easier. Also not mentioned is the shift in tastes of cinema goers lately. Haven't you noticed fewer people talking about those cookie-cutter, blow-em-up flicks, and ever more about those little, personal movies being made on the fringes of Hollywood? It's happening. The times they are a changin', and maybe Lucas's predictions are right, movies will be more cheaply made in the future, though perhaps not only for the reason that Lucas suggests.

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