Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Correction! "Netflix Throttling" Sites

Well, if you happened to be reading the comments in my Netflix Throttling article, you will have noticed that Manuel Villanueva, the guy featured in the CNN article that prompted me to write about the topic, has dropped in for a visit. He says that one of the Netflix sites I cited (as being one of the ones tracking the unethical practices of Netflix) is actually a pro-Netflix site. I checked into it and he's right. The guy who started the site does seem to be totally for Netflix. BUT! He gets a lot of discussion on there, and there have been irate Netflix customers (the victims of throttling) talking about what's been going on. So this side of the argument is found on that site. Also, I checked out Manuel's online journal and it's excellent. He documents a lot of what has been going on with his own throttling experiences. Also interesting are his comparisons with other similar services (such as Blockbuster.com), since he subscribes to three services.

I, myself, am still feeling perturbed over the whole thing. I am sick of finding it easier to get new releases as McDonalds' kiosks than through my "trusted" Netflix service. I am seriously considering cutting back to a fewer-movie-at-a-time plan and supplementing it with McDonald's rentals. Why don't I give up on Netflix altogether? I mean, yeah, I have reason to. Not only because of this throttling thing, but they have on at least two occassions failed to satisfy me (in a big way) as a customer when things went wrong with my service. Plus, I am angry that they essentially tricked me into agreeing to not sue in exchange for increase of service (which still hasn't happened). Had I known what the suit was really about, I might not have made the agreement. But anyway, what keeps me with them is the selection! They have the most amazing selection around.

Ugh. I have my price.

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